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Raymond N. Wilson
Reflecting Telescope Optics, Vol. 2,
Manufacture, Testing, Alignment, Modern Techniques

This volume is concerned essentially with the modern developments in reflecting telescope optics. In the last twenty years, modern technology has revolutionized not only manufacturing and test procedures but also the whole area of quality specification with the introduction of active control into the functioning telescope.

Other subjects covered here are alignment of telescope optics, atmospheric optics, including adaptive optics, reflecting coatings and ancillary equipment (adapters and baffles).

Although an independent work, Vol. II is heavily cross-referenced with Vol. I. It is richly illustrated and gives, together with Vol. I, the most complete list of references available; it can also therefore be regarded as a source book.

Table of Contents
  • Manufacture and Test Procedures
  • Sensitivities, Alignment of Telescopes and Test Procedures in Function
  • Modern Telescope Developments: Pupil Segmentation and Techniques to Reduce Mass
  • Image Quality Specification and Optical Effi- ciency Criteria
  • Atmospheric Optics, Adaptive Optics, Telescope Quality for Interferometry
  • Mirror Reflecting Coats: Production and Cleaning
  • Adapters and Beam Combination Aspects, Baffles
  • Maintenance and Operation of Telescope Optics
  • References

Researchers, engineers

Springer Berlin, 2001, 554 S.
96,25 Euro
Hardcover, w. 240 figs.
ISBN: 978-3-540-60356-6

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