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Christopher R. Kitchin
Telescopes and Techniques
An Introduction to Practical Astronomy

This second - completely revised - edition of Chris Kitchin's easy-to-read book provides a carefully structured introduction to the tools of astronomy.

Beginning with an in-depth look at astronomical telescopes, it progresses through a coverage of positions and motions of astronomical objects, to observing instruments and techniques.

New to this edition are sections on modern small telescopes and their design, revised material on the computer processing of data, and extended appendices. Like the first edition, questions (with answers) are given so that students and enthusiastic amateur astronomers can check their progress.

Amateur astronomers

Table of Contents
  • Preface to the first edition.
  • Preface to the second edition.
  • Section 1: Telescopes:
    • Types of Telescope.
    • Telescope Optics.
    • Modern Small Telescope Design.
  • Section 2: Positions and Motions:
    • Positions in the Sky.
    • Movements of Objects in the Sky.
    • Telescope Mountings.
  • Section 3: Observing:
    • Electromagnetic Radiation.
    • Visual Observing.
    • Detectors and Imaging.
    • Data Processing.
    • Photometry.
    • Spectroscopy.
  • Appendix 1: Telescope, Detector and Accessory Manufacturers and Suppliers.
  • Appendix 2: Bibliography.
  • Appendix 3: National and Major Astronomical Societies.
  • Appendix 4: Constellations.
  • Appendix 5: Answers to Exercises.
  • Appendix 6: SI and other Units.
  • Appendix 7: Greek Alphabet.

Springer Berlin, 2003, 258 S.
37,40 Euro
ISBN: 978-1-85233-725-4

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