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David Whitehouse
The Sun
A Biography

This is a comprehensive biography of the sun, written by leading BBC journalist David Whitehouse. Since man first became conscious he has sought to understand the nature of the sun; he has worshipped it, been inspired to produce great art about it, researched it and even died for it. Understanding the nature of the sun is key to understanding our universe and to life on earth. Whitehouse skilfully weaves his extraordinary scientific knowledge with history, philosophy, archaeology and religion to produce this fascinating account of the life and future of the sun.

Table of contents
  • Acknowledgements.
  • Bits of a star gone wrong.
  • The Goldilocks star.
  • The silken threads of space.
  • The shape of truth.
  • The month of Mercedonius.
  • The Hill of the Witch.
  • The Dethronement of God.
  • A hole in the sky.
  • The Stourbridge Prism.
  • The fire at Mannheim.
  • Sunlight robbery.
  • Rosa Ursina.
  • The Devil’s Jumps.
  • The Sun King.
  • A single ray of light.
  • Go find a hotter place.
  • White fire laden.
  • Quebec.
  • Coalbrookdale by Night.
  • 'Our summers are no summers'.
  • Shelter from the storm.
  • The Rescue of Solar Max.
  • Sunjammer.
  • Journey from the heart of the Sun.
  • Alpha Omega.
  • Amongst the stars.
  • End of days.
  • The wind from the sun.
  • Coda - the Eye of God.
  • Bibliography.
  • Index.


"...well written and enjoyable...a useful addition to any teacher's fountain of knowledge..."
(Times Educational Supplement)

"...the birth, life, and death of the Sun are carefully considered, exactly as you would expect in any excellent biography. Which is exactly what this book is..."
(The Observatory)

"...Whitehouse appears to have explored every possible avenue, and I can only guess at the enormous amount of research this must have required..."
(New Scientist)

Wiley & Sons, 2005, 344 S.
14,90 Euro
ISBN: 978-0-470-09297-2

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