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John W. Mason
Springer Praxis Books in Astronomy and Space Science
Astrophysics Update

Astrophysics Updates: is intended to serve the information needs of professional astronomers and postgraduate students about areas of astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology that are rich and active research spheres. Observational methods and the latest results of astronomical research are presented as well as their theoretical foundations and interrelations.

The contributed commissioned articles are written by leading exponents in a format that will appeal to professional astronomers and astrophysicists who are interested in topics outside their own specific areas of research.

This collection of timely reviews may also attract the interest of advanced amateur astronomers seeking scientifically rigorous coverage.

Researchers and postgraduate students

Table of Contents
  • Recent Advances in Understanding Star and Planet Formation
  • Exoplanets and Their Properties
  • What Drives the Evolution of Close Binary Stars?
    The Test Case of Cataclysmic Variables
  • The Cosmic Distance Scale
  • The Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Particle Astrophysics and the Dark Sector of the Universe
  • The Early Universe: From Recombination to Reionization
  • The Most Distant Galaxies
  • Optical Spectroscopy Today and Tomorrow
  • Large-Scale Structures in the Distribution of Galaxies: The 2dF and Sloan Surveys
  • Active Galactic Nuclei and Supermassive Black Holes
  • The Story of Gamma-Ray Bursts
  • Update on Gravitational Wave Research

Springer Berlin, 2004, 300 S.
106,95 Euro
ISBN: 978-3-540-40642-6

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