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John Cox, Richard Monkhouse
3-D Atlas of Stars and Galaxies

This Astronomical Atlas features conventional star and galaxy maps, along with spectacular three-dimensional stereographs. These 3-D images are viewed with the red/green spectacles provided with the book, to show the stars and galaxies in three-dimensional space.

This book contains three sets of comprehensive full-sky maps and 3-D stereographs. They cover local space, regional space, (the naked-eye stars) and distant space (with more than 20,000 galaxies). All the stereographs have been derived from the most accurate data available, including the results produced by the Hipparcos satellite. They can be used to directly measure approximate distances of the objects they show, as well as for viewing in 3-D.

The distant space maps represent probably the most complete mappings of the galaxies available to amateur astronomers, and their accompanying three-dimensional views provide tantalising glimpses of structure at the largest scale of the universe.

Amateur astronomers, astronomy students

Table of Contents
  • Introduction: Distances in Space.
    • The maps.
    • The Stereographs.
    • Viewing the 3-D Images.
  • Introduction: the Near Star Maps.
    • Some Interesting Stars.
    • 8 near star maps and stereographs.
  • Introduction: the Bright Star Maps.
    • Some interesting Objects.
    • 16 bright star maps and stereographs.
  • Introduction: the Galaxy Maps.
    • Some Interesting Structures.
    • 10 galaxy maps and stereographs.
  • Sources.

Springer Berlin, 2000, 92 S.
37,40 Euro
Hardcover, w. numerous maps, insert: stereo spectacles
ISBN: 978-1-85233-189-4

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