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Bernard Abrams, Michael Stecker
Structures in Space
Hidden Secrets of the Deep Sky. The Stecker Files

We are still learning about the large-scale structures of the universe. Abrams and Stecker describe what we currently know of the near and far universe, but what sets this book apart from the rest is the illustrations. Stecker has a collection of some of the best and most spectacular astronomical photographs ever taken.

The book is mostly illustrated with black and white photographs, but the CD-ROM supplied with the book is a veritable explosion of beautiful colour images, far more than could be squeezed into any normal book. An added benefit of this is that by using an inexpensive inkjet printer, a reader can look at pictures on screen, or print them out in colour with "photo quality".

Amateur astronomers

Table of Contents
  • Introduction.
  • The Solar System (nature and contents, some notable objects/facts/theories).
  • A Spiral Arm (dark/ emission nebulae, open clusters, OB associations).
  • The Milky Way (distant open clusters, globular clusters, overall structure).
  • The Local Group of Galaxies (studies of M31, M33, and other local galaxies).
  • Distant Galaxies (the Hubble classification, evolution, collisions).
  • Galaxy Groups and Clusters (a selection; large-scale structure of the universe).
  • Michael Stecker - a pen portrait
  • + CD ROM.

The CD-ROM requires a computer with a CD-ROM drive and software that is able to display JPEG images. Internet browsers such as MS Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator can be used, buth graphics packages like Windows-98 Imager,Paint Shop Pro and Adobe Photoshop will give better results. In general the better your computer's resolution and colour, the better the images will look!

Springer Berlin, 1999, 176 S.
35,26 Euro
Broschiert, w. CD-ROM with over 100 spectacular images
ISBN: 978-1-85233-165-8

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